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Double Ring & Curled Earrings Set


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This stunning double ring set features clear & blue cubic zirconia stones that will help you express your infinite love. The blue cubic zirconia crystals on one ring are complemented with clear ones on the second ring. The inner ring features nine clear cubic zirconias 5 mm x 3 mm in size each and the outside ring features 19 cubic zirconias that measure 1.5 mm . The ring set is perfect for both casual wear of for that special occasion, it can be worn together or individually. You will always stand out with these on your finger.

This beautiful set of cubic zirconia crystal earrings is elegant and perfect for any special occasion or casual wear. Each earring features 34 crystals that are 1.5 mm large. The earrings come in there own luxury velvet pouch.

Ring sizes available:
K 15.9 mm
M 16.7 mm
P 17.9 mm
R 18.7 mm

Base material: copper

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Ring size K, Ring size M, Ring size P, Ring size R, Earrings, Ring size K & Earrings, Ring size M & Earrings, Ring size P & Earrings, Ring size R & Earrings


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